How to Reset Comcast Cable Box – Refresh My Comcast Cable Box

How to Reset Comcast Cable Box – Refresh My Comcast Cable Box

How to Reset Comcast Cable Box yourself. You know how frustrating it can be to deal with problems with your Comcast of any other cable box when you’re ready to relax and watch television. But not many people are aware that odd errors, slow response times and other issues can sometimes be solved simply by resetting your Comcast cable box.

How to Reset Comcast Cable Box - Refresh My Comcast Cable Box

So here we are going to teach you how to reset your Comcast Cable box yourself any time you notice any of the above mentioned issues and even some other minor issues that can also be fix when you refresh your Comcast cable box to reset it.

The guideline we are going to show you here on how to reset Comcast Cable box is simply how to perform a power cycle to reset your Comcast cable box yourself. But if after doing this and it doesn’t work, then a Comcast technical support representative can send a signal to your box from her computer to reset the settings.

How to Reset Your Comcast Cable Box Yourself

  1. Turn off your cable box using the “Power” button on your remote control or on the box itself.
  2. Unplug the power cord located in the back of the cable box from the electrical outlet to which it is connected.
  3. Allow the box to remain unplugged for at least one full minute.
  4. Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet and press “Power” on the remote or the front of the box.
  5. Replicate the actions you were taking when you noticed problems with the cable box; if you are able to proceed without a problem, then the Comcast cable box reset has been successful completed

That is just how to reset your Comcast cable box by yourself. Now in case you want to do it over the phone, that is you want a Comcast customer representative to help you reset your Comcast Cable box from their office

How to Reset Comcast Cable Box by Calling Comcast Representative

  1. Call 1-800-COMCAST to reach a technical support specialist.
  2. Enter the phone number associated with your Comcast account and follow the prompts for reaching technical support.
  3. Tell the Comcast agent that you are having an issue with your cable box and have tried to reset the box by unplugging and it was not successful.
  4. The agent will need you to read the number on the cable box to him. The number is on a white label on the rear of the box.
  5. Follow the agent’s instructions. He will review the system on his side and see if he can see an error with the box.
  6. He may have you attempt to unplug the box again or he may proceed to immediately send a signal to the box to reset it remotely.
  7. Return the box to your nearest Comcast location if the agent is unable to reset the box remotely or if you continue to have problems. Comcast will replace the box free of charge.

If you have further question on how to Reset Comcast Cable Box yourself or by calling a Comcast customer representative, you can use the comment section below to drop the issue(s).